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Martellus Bennett isn't fat, just rocked up

The Giants seem to have gotten more than they planned on from the Martellus Bennett signing this offseason. More Matrellus Bennett to be exact.

A week after tight ends coach Mike Pope noted that the former Cowboy had weighed in at OTAs at 291 pounds – nearly 20 more than he played at last season – Bennett was standing shirtless in the locker room to prove that extra weight was in the form of muscle and not flab.

“I had to let the world see because the way it sounds it's like, 'Damn, this guy's fat? Like he let himself get fat?’” Bennett said of the way Pope’s words were represented. “I just wanted everybody to know that I'm not fat … There's this perception about me that I don't work hard and I've actually been busting my --- all my life.

“I'm looking like Atlas,” he added, “not Professor Klump."

Bennett said he was recently measured for a suit and found that his biceps are three inches bigger than they were last year. “I’ve just been getting rocked up,” he said of his new physique.

Pope did say that carrying the 291 pounds likely led to the hamstring injury that Bennett suffered earlier this offseason. Bennett did not deny that. But, he said, getting bigger and stronger will be a net-positive when the season comes around. By then, Bennet said, he’ll probably have lost some weight and dropped his body fat percentage from 13 to 9. Bennett also said he expects to participate in next week's minicamp after missing most of the OTAs due to the hamstring.

“I feel like I've always been one of the top athletes in this position and I'm probably one of the top five strongest guys on this time right now,” he said. “My thing was just to work hard, work hard and push, push, push … I'm actually in way better shape than I've ever been since I've been in the NFL and I feel the best I've ever felt.”

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