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McNabb trade does little to help Giants' odds

So the trade of Donovan McNabb from the Eagles to the Redskins has turned the entire NFC East topsy-turvy? Not quite.

Our pals over at the gambling site have just released some updated odds in the aftermath of the trade and it turns out that the Giants are still considered to be the No. 3 team in the division.

Here are the odds for winning the NFC East championship in 2010:

Dallas Cowboys: 9-to-5

Philadelphia Eagles: 9-to-4

New York Giants: 11-to-4

Washington Redskins: 13-to-4

So not only did the trade not help the Giants jump ahead of the Eagles in the minds of those who wager on such things, it didn't even help the Redskins get out of the projected cellar of the division.

Well, it did help the Redskins' odds of winning the Super Bowl, though. Before the trade they were 55-to-1 longshots for the Super Bowl title. Now they are at 30-to-1. And the Eagles' 16-to-1 odds of winning the Super Bowl with McNabb as their quarterback have slipped to 20-to-1 with Kevin Kolb.

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