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NFL says field at MetLife Stadium is fine

A new Field Turf surface was installed during

A new Field Turf surface was installed during the summer at MetLife Stadium. Credit: Getty Images/Sarah Stier

The NFL says MetLife Stadium’s turf is up to snuff.

After the 49ers suffered a rash of serious injuries there against the Jets last Sunday and voiced trepidation about having to play the Giants on the same field this coming weekend, the league and its associates gave the New Jersey stadium’s playing surface the green light on Thursday.

The field, the NFL said, meets all applicable standards and protocols.

A closer look at the artificial surface, which was installed in early summer and still relatively new, took place on Wednesday, conducted by representatives from the NFL, NFLPA, MetLife Stadium, the Giants and Jets, and Field Turf as well as an independent inspector.

The Giants had insisted all along that there was nothing wrong with the turf, having held numerous walk-throughs and practices on it throughout training camp and playing the regular-season opener on it against the Steelers. The 49ers, after their initial misgivings about the turf, seemed to have let it go as this week progressed.

"I’ve moved on for my own self," 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said on Wednesday. "I know they have some professionals looking at it, I think, from the NFL and NFLPA, so we’ll see what they tell us when they get back. Besides that, it’s pretty ‘out of sight, out of mind’ for myself."

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