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Michael Boley heard Tony Romo give "a little scream"

Michael Boley was the player who crushed Tony Romo and with him, the dreams of all Cowboys fans.

It was his hit on the quarterback, coming untouched through the middle on a blitz, that broke Romo’s left clavicle early in the second quarter.

“The guard didn’t see me,” Boley said. “He blocked down on the tackle and both backs went to the other side so I came scott-free.”

Boley said he didn’t know the extent of Romo’s injury until after the game. But he had an idea that he was hurt a lot sooner than that.

“When he hit the ground I heard him let out a little scream so I kind of knew something was up,” Boley said. “I thought it was just a normal hit. Then after I got up and started running I looked back after the play was over and he was still down.”

Boley said he was sorry to hear that Romo was injured. “You hate to see people get hurt,” he said. “I wish him the best.”

But he also took pride, like the rest of the Giants’ defense, in knocking a fifth quarterback from the game in seven weeks. All of them have been on clean hits, too (which is why Justin Tuck described that trend as “pure luck”).

But Boley said he doesn’t mind the reputation of being a dangerous (but clean) defense.

“If they don’t know now, they will, that we are a ball-hawking defense,” he said. “We take pride in getting to QBs and getting to the ball.”

Boley also called the win “very sweet,” adding: “It ain’t no secret, we don’t like the Cowboys.”

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