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Michael Coe had the itch to hit last week, might get to scratch it again vs. Redskins

Michael Coe had played for the Jaguars for a year and a half, but when he went on the field Sunday to face that team his former teammates were surprised to see him.

“They were like ‘You didn’t tell me you were playing?’ I was like ‘I didn’t even know.’”

Coe was elevated from the practice squad on Saturday afternoon when it became clear that the Giants were going to be short in the secondary. Will Blackmon was not coming along with his chest injury and Aaron Ross was still experiencing pain from whatever it is that Aaron Ross has.

“Coach Pete (Giunta) always tells all of us to be ready and prepare like you’re going to play,” Coe said. You never know. Some of the guys were banged up a little bit. But I didn’t know I was going to be active until Saturday after the walk-through.”

Coe even wound up being on the field during the critical final drive against the Jaguars. But he said having experience in the NFL – he’d played in 13 NFL games with the Jags (’09, ’10) and Colts (’07)– allowed him to just focus on the task and not be rattled by his surroundings.

It was that NFL experience that also made it difficult on him while being on the practice squad with the Giants.

“Frustrating,” he said. “I’d been active for my first three years so it was hard getting used to playing, playing and then getting used to not playing. That was frustrating, especially coming from a spot where you were playing a lot. I was just ready to hit somebody. I hadn’t hit anybody since Week 3, so I was ready to hit someone. I had that itch, so to speak.”

He scratched it with a big special teams tackle in the first quarter, running under a Matt Dodge punt and bringing Mike Thomas down for no return. He might have to do that again this week. With Ross still dealing with whatever it is that’s bothering Ross, Blackmon still not practicing, and special teamer Brian Jackson practicing with a splint on his broken left hand, Coe might have to be a key part of the gameplan on Sunday against the Redskins.

“Coach Pete and those guys, they do a great job staying on you about the little things all the time,” Coe said. “Coach Pete, he’s going to make sure you know what to do … You just have to roll with it. You never know in this business so you always have to be ready and be prepared and when your time comes up you just have to fill in and do a good job.”

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