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Might Brandon Jacobs be back in blue?

Brandon Jacobs carries the ball against the Jets.

Brandon Jacobs carries the ball against the Jets. (Dec. 24, 2011) Credit: David Pokress

Could a reunion between the Giants and Brandon Jacobs really happen?

“I know Brandon is hoping and praying and dying to be back a Giant,” running backs coach Jerald Ingram said last night at the ESPN The Magazine Pre-Draft party in Manhattan. “Things didn’t work out the way he wanted to a year ago. He’s an emotional guy, he wants to be on the field, he wants to do those kinds of things, wants to contribute. But it was one of those things, hey, tested the waters, ok. He’d like to come back, but we’ll have to see how the organization feels about that.”

If Jacobs did return, it might be in a role similar to the one he played last year in San Francisco. You know, the one where he didn’t actually play. The Giants seem keen on giving the carries to David Wilson and Andre Brown this season – “In my mind, it’s their time to shine,” Ingram said – so the addition of Jacobs or another veteran back would be more as a mentor than a producer.

Brandon Jacobs as Crash Davis? That’d be … interesting.

"I think it’s always a good mix when you have a veteran player who has already been on your team, and has already been to two Super Bowls on your team," Ingram said. "So you’re bringing an element that has been there ... It’s like, ok, you’re going to help these guys along the way. Not that you’re going to be the guy, you’re going to compete with everybody else. But do you have something to give? Yeah, he has something to give. And if it works out, it works out, we just have to wait and see."

“He’s got a strong love for the New York Giants,” Ingram continued. “That’s a decision that the ownership and Jerry Reese will make a decision on in due time. I think they may have considered it or so forth, but you have some people in place right now that we want to see what they can do and then anybody else that can assist with us will be an added help in there.”

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