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Miscommunication led to lapse on Dez Bryant's near game-winner

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 02: Defensive Coordinator Perry

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 02: Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell of the New York Giants answers questions from the press during a media availability session for Super Bowl XLVI at the Indianapolis Downtown Marriott on February 2, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images) Credit: Getty/Scott Halleran

Tom Coughlin said his reaction to the Dez Bryant near-TD late in the Cowboys game was the same as everyone who was watching TV: How did he get behind the Giants’ defense in that situation?

Luckily for the Giants he was a few inches too far behind them. Still, how did it happen?

Miscommunication, Perry Fewell said.

“It was a pressure called and so some people were playing the pressure and they thought that we made a coverage check and some people were playing a coverage,” Fewell said. “So that’s why he was out there like that.”

Later in the game, the Giants lined up with four defensive backs spread out along the goal line, standing sentry to prevent a touchdown. Fewell explained why he did not have the Giants in that alignment on the Bryant play.

“It was too early for that,” Fewell said of the pass from Romo to Bryant, which was snapped with 16 seconds left in the game. “If you look at the sequence of what they did, they had a nice sequence because they threw an out cut and then they ran another out cut and then they ran an out and up and it was too early to have the four guys back at that point in time. So we went back and I studied it. I made some adjustments into what we need to do and how we can play that sequence better, but I thought they had a nice answer to what we tried to counter with.”

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