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NFL Draft: Giants’ prep work done, now waiting begins

Ben McAdoo will preside over his first draft

Ben McAdoo will preside over his first draft as New York Giants head coach. Credit: Andrew Theodorakis

At some point Thursday night, Ben McAdoo will get on the phone and introduce himself to the team’s newest player. It will be a welcome-to-the-NFL moment for whomever the Giants select with their first-round pick, but it will also be the first time McAdoo gets to be on that call and be part of the decision that leads to dialing the number.

So who will it be?

“That’s a great question,” McAdoo said on Wednesday. “It depends on whose mock draft you are looking at.”

The Giants have the 10th overall selection, and while the first two choices seem to be settled — QBs Jared Goff and Carson Wentz — that leaves seven possible twists and turns before they find themselves on the clock (assuming they stay at 10). By then, any number of opportunities could be opened or shut off.

“You go through the process and there are a bunch of scenarios and you take who is the highest on the board,” McAdoo said. “You go from there.”

McAdoo hasn’t spent the past few days in the war room making last-minute adjustments to that board. In fact, few people have. Many of the team’s scouts and most of the front office were outside on the field Wednesday watching the team’s second voluntary minicamp workout. At this point, there is a lot more waiting than working.

There are certainly some needs the Giants would like to fill in the draft. They could have their choice of linebackers if Leonard Floyd and Myles Jack are both available. There is a possibility a pass-rusher like Joey Bosa could fall to them. They could use another cornerback and select Vernon Hargreaves. Or they could decide to go offense and take a lineman, or even running back Ezekiel Elliott.

McAdoo said he doesn’t have an ideal situation figured out. He and the Giants will just react to what happens.

The Giants will wrap up their minicamp on Thursday, at which point McAdoo will shift gears back from the field to the draft.

“I am not spending a bunch of time on [the draft] right now,” he said. “We have a lot of work to do today, think about it a little bit tonight and then put it to bed tonight when I lay my head on the pillow and get ready for tomorrow when tomorrow comes.”

Often a head coach and his first draft pick are linked together and their story will determine each others’ legacy. That was certainly the case with Tom Coughlin when he welcomed Eli Manning in 2004, the last time a new head coach was part of the Giants’ draft process. Or with Rex Ryan when he selected Mark Sanchez with the Jets in 2009. Does McAdoo think about that bond he will share with an as-yet-unknown player who will become his first draft pick as a head coach?

“That may be a little too dramatic for me,” he said. “I am excited for the process and I will look forward to seeing who is the highest guy on the board.”

And then, he’ll make the call.

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