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NFL Network’s Mike Mayock says Giants control the draft at No. 2

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock talks with the

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock talks with the media during the NFL Draft Media Luncheon April 29, 2015 in Chicago. Credit: AP / PAUL BEATY

The Cleveland Browns have the first overall pick, but Mike Mayock thinks the tone of the draft won’t be set until after they make their selection.

“I think the draft starts at No. 2 with the Giants and whatever they decide to do,” the NFL Network analyst said on a conference call on Friday.

The reason is that they have the most options.

“If they fall in love with their quarterback that they think is their franchise guy for the next 10 years, that has to trump everything else and you have to take your quarterback,” Mayock said. “However, if you have any concern whatsoever, there are three great position players there. Or you can trade down.”

Mayock said he can’t see the Giants trading back past the No. 6 overall pick, which currently belongs to the Colts (and used to belong to the Jets). If they go to No. 6, he said, and quarterbacks go with the first three picks, they’d still be able to get one of the top three non-quarterbacks: Saquon Barkley, Bradley Chubb or Quenton Nelson.

“I don’t think he’s going past six,” Mayock said of general manager Dave Gettleman, noting that Gettleman “likes to stay in his lane” and has not traded back in any draft he has run.

But if the Giants stay at No. 2 and don’t take a quarterback?

“As much as he likes his hog mollies,” Mayock said of Gettleman’s affinity for offensive linemen, “I still think that Barkley will be the guy.”

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