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O brother, where art thou?

One thing I noticed when we found out the news that the Giants had signed Shawn Andrews was that the team seems to have an affinity for signing players who have brothers in the league. And in most cases, they seem to not be able to get the better of the brothers.

Now this is no knock on Eli Manning of course. There are maybe five quarterbacks in the history of the NFL who you could compare to Peyton Manning. So calling him the lesser brother is a little unfair. He’s a Super Bowl MVP, a Pro Bowler, and a few solid seasons from becoming the best quarterback in franchise history.

But there are others in recent memory. Like Chad Morton, who had 48 receptions and five TDs in his NFL career compared to big brother Johnnie Morton who had 624 catches and 43 TDs (we’ll leave special teams out of this argument as a matter of convenience!). Or Tim Hasselbeck, who threw five TD passes in his career compared to Matt Hasselbeck who currently has 164.

Sinorice Moss vs. Santana Moss? Yup. And while they played different positions, you could make a case that Ronde Barber (five Pro Bowls, three All-Pros first teams) had a more decorated career than Tiki (three Pro Bowls, one All-Pro).

Which brings us to Shawn and Stacy Andrews. Stacy is a versatile lineman for the Eagles, a guy you can plug into any spot on the line. That’s why the Bengals put the franchise tag on him a few years back even though he didn’t have a starting position with them. Shawn was a three-time Pro Bowler for the Eagles and certainly has the better resume, but he’s played in just two games in two years after having back injuries. Considering the role the Giants are trying to have Shawn Andrews play for them – sixth lineman, as it looks right now – maybe they finally did get the better brother … in a case when the lesser one would have done just fine.

UPDATE: I did think of one time when it looked like the Giants got the better brother. It was when they drafted LSU safety Chad Jones. His brother, fellow LSU player Rahim Alem, is an undrafted rookie lineman with the Bengals. Unfortunately, it looks like Jones' career ended before it began with that car accident this summer.

We're also keeping an eye on Steve Smith's little brother, USC linebacker Malcolm Smith.

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