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O'Hara makes his return to practice

Kenny Phillips returned to the football field after 11 months. Shaun O’Hara came back after a week. Still, it was a significant return to have the Pro Bowl center back with the team, even if he was still giving Adam Koets the majority of the snaps at center and was overshadowed by Phillips.

“It felt good,” said O’Hara, who hadn’t worked with the team since a week ago  Sunday. “The ankle felt pretty good, but more importantly it just felt good to be out with my men and be one of the guys again. Being off to the side is not what I drove up here to do. It just felt good to be out there.”

Naturally O’Hara caught plenty of flack from his fellow offensive linemen over missing so much time. But recently those words dried up.

“Richie was giving me a hard time and we all see how that worked out for him, so I think they’ve all backed off since then,” O’Hara said of Rich Seubert, who is now sidelined with a broken bone in his left hand.

Tom Coughlin did say that there was good news for Seubert and he will be able to return to practice soon.

“It’s better than I thought it was going to be because when the swelling and the pain goes down they’re going to wrap him up in a big ol’ pad and gloved pad and let him go,” Coughlin said. “So he will start practicing when that happens. Now whether he can play in games, I don’t know.”

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