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Odds on Giants getting in, making noise

Eli Manning

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Are the Giants getting in the playoffs?

According to the folks over at, the odds of them beating the Redskins and having the Bears beat the Packers is 6-to-1.

Once in, though, Bodog isn’t giving the Giants much of a chance to go far in the playoffs. Here are the odds for teams to win the NFC title:

Atlanta Falcons 2-to-1
Philadelphia Eagles 15-to-4
New Orleans Saints 9-to-2
Chicago Bears 5-to-1
Green Bay Packers 11-to-2
New York Giants 20-to-1
Seattle Seahawks 50-to-1
St. Louis Rams 40-to-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 60-to-1

As for winning the Super Bowl, the Giants were at 25-to-1 last week to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. This week they’ve fallen all the way to 40-to-1.

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