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Odell Beckham Jr. not sorry for his vulgar celebration

New York Giants' Odell Beckham, right, celebrates with

New York Giants' Odell Beckham, right, celebrates with Sterling Shepard after a touchdown during the second half of an NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Sept. 24, 2017. Credit: AP / Michael Perez

PHILADELPHIA — Odell Beckham Jr. lifted his leg. But he couldn’t lift the Giants to victory.

Beckham had two touchdown catches in a wild fourth quarter and celebrated the first one by crawling in the end zone like a dog and pretending to urinate on a fire hydrant. Beckham drew an unsportsmanlike penalty for that and a rebuke from coach Ben McAdoo after the Giants fell to 0-3 with a 27-24 loss to the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field.

After his second touchdown catch, Beckham raised his right fist in a Black Power salute.

Beckham, who had nine catches for 79 yards, declined to discuss his second gesture. He laughed off the first one, which he indicated was designed to spark the Giants, who were down 14-0 before his 10-yard catch with 12:39 left in the game.

Asked why he simulated a dog urinating, Beckham said: “I don’t know. I was in the end zone. I scored a touchdown. I’m a dog. So I acted like a dog. I didn’t know if the rule book said you can’t hike your leg. (The official) said I peed on somebody, so I was trying to find the imaginary ghost that I peed on. But I didn’t see him.

“Either way it goes, you play football. I wear red and white. I don’t wear black and white with stripes on it. I don’t make calls. I just play football . . . We needed to make a play. We’re down, what, 14-0? OK, we need to make a play, we need a spark. I don’t care if you kick it from the 5-yard line on our side, we need to make a play.”

The 15-yard penalty assessed on the ensuing kickoff did no damage, as the Giants stopped the Eagles’ next drive.

“It didn’t end up being detrimental, which is the main thing,” Beckham said. But that didn’t seem to satisfy his coach.

“We don’t want to be kicking off from the 20-yard line,” McAdoo said. “That’s not smart football and we aren’t playing smart football.”

Beckham said he “absolutely” understood McAdoo’s position. But he didn’t promise not to do it again.

“But when I get in the end zone, I’m going to do what I do,” he said. “I’m going to try and spark this team and the consequences are going to be what they are. It’s like life. You have to deal with the consequences. And that’s something I can take. Our team — we were motivated from there. I don’t think it set us back any. I just don’t think we finished.”

Beckham raised a fist after his vintage one-handed, 4-yard catch tied the score at 14 with 10:53 left. He declined to discuss what his message was on a day when three Giants decided to kneel in protest during the national anthem and the rest of their players linked arms.

Beckham was sort of involved in the game’s final play, too. He was the deep back in the end zone on Jake Elliott’s 61-yard field goal. Beckham would have run back a short kick, but he said he knew it was good the moment it left Elliott’s foot.

“There was no question,” Beckham said. “He booted it. I was praying it was going to be short.”

A big day for the Giants’ wide receivers wasn’t enough on Sunday:

Rec. Yds. TDs Long Tgts.

Odell Beckham Jr.9 7921413

Sterling Shepard7 13317710

Brandon Marshall8 66 01811

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