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What do you think of the Giants trading Odell Beckham Jr.?

Odell Beckham of the Giants walks on the

Odell Beckham of the Giants walks on the field against the Saints on Sunday, Sep. 30, 2018. Credit: Jim McIsaac

The Giants traded Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for a pair of draft picks and safety Jabrill Peppers, a source confirmed. What are your thoughts on the reported trade?

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Giants management are idiots. OBJ is one of the best, if not THE best receiver out there today. I know OBJ's antics are...

Ralph DeMayo, Glen Cove

His talent is irrelevant to the equation

Bryan Farrell, Hampton Bays

I thought it was a great trade for the Giants

Anthony Liszewski, Little egg harbor Nj

It’s a win for the Giants, for Beckham, and the Browns.

Dave, Hauppauge

OBJ is going to tear up Cleveland

Teika Ross, Uniondale

Shameful on both parties.

William Greene Jr, Hawthorne

Giants are loaded with talent and will be ok in my opinion.

Alexander Ramos, Rochester

Coming from a Giants fan I'm not gonna pass judgement yet

Teshombe Gaymon, Philadelphia

The Giants are a few years away from any serious contention

sal palina, deer park,ny

At least they should have got a few number one picks from the Browns over a two-or three year period.

Frank Ortiz, Brooklyn

Take the picks let see what they get.

Tom moriarty , Seymour ct.

Basically he traded himself and he will be going to a new contender.

William McParlin, Centereach

I guess they figure he was poisonous to the team and organization.

Robert Campos, SHIRLEY


Brian Milligan, Oakdale

It was a good and brave thing Gettleman did that will ultimately make the Giants a TEAM again.

Bob Fredericks, Shelter Island, NY

Good move by the Giants

Joseph Jennings , Jackson

His immature antics and distractions makes him hard to root for. Love to watch him play but can't respect him.

Ron, Bohemia

A typical response where a new regime attempts to "wipe-out" all evidence of the previous one

Andy Reuss, Gilbertsville, New York

Bittersweet. Loved the on-field talent but could not stand the constant distraction.

John Curry, Moriches

As a longtime Giant fan and supporter, I will miss his big-play capability but not his on- and off-the-field antics.

John Czuba, Bethlehem, Pa.

I am thrilled that he is gone. He was an enormous distraction and not only not a team player but worse. He will never be a...

Bryan J Farrell, Hampton Bays

I have been a fan of the Giants for 60 years and never been so disappointed.

Jacques Paradis, Laval

I Love the Trade Been a Giant fan for over 60 years(I am 69 years old) and absolute love this trade. It's an A+

Danny Clifford, South Portland

I'm surprised that OBJ lasted this long, OBJ was all diva, all the time. Regardless of all his HOF-level talent, no one...

Ed Flanagan, Brooklyn, NY

Sometimes addition by subtraction is the right way to move on

Al Miller, Medford

OBJ just hasn't performed like the top paid receiver in the league

Jeff Eakes, Florence

He's a clown and a "me first" player, and everything wrong with the modern athlete. Glad to see him go!

John Rembis, Clifton

Smart move. Big Distraction. Also injuries every year he was with Giants. We need more balance to win. Let's see.

Nick, New York

These 12 picks position them to dramatically jump-start toward building that type of team. Way to go Dave Gettleman.

Rick Attilio, Doylestown, Pa.

I think it is the dumbest thing the Giants could do get rid of the best receiver in the game with OBJ, and I would not have...

William Hicks, Corsicana

Eli has got to be next. Tired of watching him play. If we are going to stink lets have a completely different stick!!!!!!!

Tom Carlson, Woburn, Mass.

Perfect response by a landmark organization to a “me always" player

Smit Patel, Long Island

I can't think of a better place for the Giants to send this "it's all about me" team cancer to than Cleveland.

Bill Viggiano, Williston Park

It’s going to take a long time to fix the mess Marc Ross and Jerty Reese left.

Jim Mackey, Malverne

The decision to not compete right now is weak, especially in an NY market.

Mark Salzman, Valley Stream

Peppers excellent player to help the Giants defense, which has many needs.

Kenneth Faranda, Millbrook

Beckham is a supreme talent but even more so a supreme headache. Within the next 2 years he will pull an Antonio Brown and...

Evan Congress, Columbia

Character is more important than talent.

Stephen Perez, Islip Terrace

One of the worst decisions in recent team history!

Harold Buttitta , Boynton Beach

If the Giants are a bad team for the next 3 years then it's a failure.

Andrew Bashen, Holbrook

Thank God, that -- -- is gone! His "acts" on and off the field are embarrassing and he is a total idiot. His...

Charles Gardner, Kings Park

I have never seen such hypocrisy. In a league where guys get arrested on the regular, beat up women, etc., OBJ is a problem?...

Melanie Thomas, Queens

This trade was a no-brainer. DG is doing exactly what he needs to do: rebuild the roster based on value and character.

Dan Bergan, Newtown, Pa.

He was a cancer, another Terell Owens type. It looked real classy when he crawled and lifted his leg like a dog after...

James Maddalena , Brookhaven

I didn't think it was possible, but Gettleman is making J.R. look like a genius. All these moves should have been made...

Frank B, Raleigh

It will now take years to rebuild this team. The 2019 season will be awful.

Rick Greiner, Farmingdale

Good riddance, glad to see you go. More about himself than the team.

Frank, Shirley

It's about time... Good luck in Cleveland to a talent on the field; Off-field and sidelines...?!??

Pete Rogers, Miller Place

Short term - bad news. Long term - not as bad.

Mark Raskin, Huntington

This will be the worst move ever!!!!

Tito, Brentwood

Giants should have held out for a better first-round pick, good bye to a head case. eer. headache

Richard Aragona, Melbourne, Fla.

I am thrilled. no i in team. they weren't winning with him. more players and picks without both he and Collins.

bud boyer, new orleans

I am thrilled. No "I" in team. They weren't winning with him. More players and picks without both he and Collins.

Bud Boyer, New Orleans

The Giants need new management and ownership or this franchise will become the Browns of the recent past.

Lawrence Wigdor, NYC

I have been a Giants fan for over 60 years and have never been more disappointed.

John Zottarelli, Selden

As a Browns fan, living on Long Island, all I can say is... Thanks! Cleveland Rocks!

York Moosemuller, Port Jefferson

Usually, tanking doesn't start till losses start to mount. Looks like Giants getting a head start. Scratching my head.

Chris Diot, Amityville

Let me get this right....we still have Eli and we got rid of OBJ? Time to root for the JETS!

Scott Zamek, Belle Terre

Now I know what it feels like to be a JET FAN!

Vince castoro , Brooklyn

The true stupidity is that they waited this long to trade him

Scott Johnson, Grand ledge

The stadium will be empty early and often if we get off to a bad start.

Zach Hughes, Queens, NY

I was tired of his antics some of which were embarrassing to Giant Blue

Joe Loffek, Satellite Beach, Florida

Love the Trade! Oh btw....... Goooo COWBOYS!!!

Louis Dee, Smithtown, NY

Wellington Mara is rolling in his grave. Giants are the biggest joke in football

Pete Jones, Charlotte

The Giants front office is now the worst in the league. I am no longer a Giants fan as of today.


Long time Giant fan. Great move by the Giants.

Tom Slattery, Medford

We have some crazy highs and lows in the past decade. This is by the worst of them.

Jack Buchholz, Cape Charles VA

He's more about OBJ than the team.

Dave Lappin, Charlotte (formerly of E. M.)

We lost with him, what's the big deal with him not being on team next year?

Christopher J Accetta, Medford