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One quarterback bloodied, the other is battered

Eli Manning of the Giants loses his helmet

Eli Manning of the Giants loses his helmet after being hit by Calvin Pace of the Jets. (Aug. 16, 2010) Credit: Errol Anderson

You won’t see many replays of the hits he took because there was no blood squirting from above his left eye, but Jim Sorgi might have taken a worse beating than Eli Manning did Monday night.

“No blood,” he said. “No blood, no foul I guess. It’s part of the game, you’re going to get hit.”

Sorgi took a number of licks. That’s what happens when the backup comes in and has to play behind inexperienced linemen. At one point in the second quarter he was planted on his butt after a screen pass and threw his hands in the air wondering where his protection was. And on his second touchdown pass to Victor Cruz, he never saw the catch made because he was face down on the turf facing the other way after being leveld by linebacker Lance Laury (say that three times fast: Linebacker Lance Laury, Linebacker Lance Laury, Linebacker Lance Laury). Sorgi was slow to get up, but he returned to the game.

“I definitely got hit tonight and I’m probably going to be sore tomorrow,” he said after the game, “but nothing that’s going to prevent me from moving forward.”

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