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‘Opportunity’ knocks and Giants rookie QB Davis Webb answers

Giants quarterback Davis Webb lines up behind center during

Giants quarterback Davis Webb lines up behind center during training camp on Friday, Aug. 4, 2017. Credit: Brad Penner

The Giants have a period in practice that they call “Opportunity Seven-on-Seven.” It might as well be called The Davis Webb Show.

While it is designed to be a segment of plays when young players on the roster bubble can catch the eyes of the coaches, it has also become a chance for Webb, the rookie quarterback, to get his work in. With Eli Manning getting the reps with the starters and Geno Smith and Josh Johnson alternating with the second and third units, that doesn’t leave a lot of team reps for Webb. So instead of trying to cram his work into the limited time they have, the Giants coaches give him his own special series.

“Opportunity seven-on-seven is a great chance for me to maximize my reps,” Webb said on Friday. “I do a lot of metal reps mostly throughout practice. Right now we have four quarterbacks and everybody is getting evaluated in everything we do. Opportunity seven-on-seven is really for me to steal some reps and take advantage of my footwork, things I’ve been learning throughout the day, and put it all together . . . You try to get mental reps through the eyes of others and then it’s your job to try to get reps through your own eyes.”

It usually lasts just seven or eight plays. There is no defensive line, only receivers and running backs against linebackers and defensive backs. So far, Webb has looked in control of the proceedings. He’s developed a bit of a chemistry with rookie receiver Travis Rudolph and has come to rely on veteran linebacker-turned-tight end Mark Herzlich.

Webb said if he is asked to play in the first preseason game next week, he’ll be ready. Whether or not he does, though, depends on how much the Giants want to see of Smith and Johnson.

“Those aren’t my calls,” Webb said. “It’s up to Coach McAdoo.”

But Webb does get to make the calls in the Opportunity periods in practice.

“Opportunity Seven-on-Seven has been really helpful to me,” Webb said. “I love that period.”

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