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Osi not "Gaga" over LeSean McCoy's Tweets

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One-of-a-kind Steinway Grand Piano signed by Lady Gaga at Credit: Charitybuzz Photo

In a phone conversation this evening, Osi Umenyiora tried to explain that he didn’t have harsh words for Jerry Reese. He offered no such tap-dancing when it came to LeSean McCoy.

“That woman?” he said when the name of the Eagles running back was broached.

When Umenyiora’s sworn statements first surfaced on Thursday, one of those to react to them was Eagles running back LeSean McCoy who Tweeted that Umenyiora is “soft” and “overrated” and “the 3rd best d-line on his team.” Umenyiora said he and McCoy have exchanged words on the field throughout his career and he and his Giants teammates have a nickname for McCoy: Lady Gaga.

“Basically because he’s a woman,” Umenyiora said. “This right here is really showing that he’s exactly what we thought he was, which is a woman. I think anytime you see somebody in a situation that they’re in (business wise), you can’t chime in with your own two cents on Twitter and say all the stupid things that he said. If you have a problem with somebody, a football player especially, you address that with him on the football field not off the football field. That’s childish and womanly.”

Umenyiora said he and McCoy began their relationship very early, during McCoy’s rookie year. The way Umenyiora tells it, he was engaged with Eagles tackle Jason Peters when he was cheap-shotted by McCoy.

“That’s exactly when our altercations started,” he said. “It just escalated throughout the game and the next game it got even worse and now it’s going to be even worse.

“We had some verbal altercations. And he’s decided to take it off the football field and into Twitterland. He’s obviously a Twitter gangster and he wants to settle these things on Twitter. But whenever I see him, me and him are going to squash that on the football field. I’m not going to do too much more talking off the football field.”

Umenyiora may have to wait a while to get his chance. Even if the NFL season launches as scheduled, the Giants won’t play the Eagles until Sept. 25. That’s also assuming that Umenyiora is a member of the Giants.

“I’ll never forget,” Umenyiora said of McCoy’s e-trash talking. “I’m quite sure he won’t either. It’s going to be very interesting.”

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