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Osi says if he's not starting, he and Giants "should part ways"

The Giants' defensive end was on ESPN Radio just a few moments ago with Mike and Mike, and while most of the conversation was dedicated to the upcoming Super Bowl (his head likes the Colts, his heart likes the Saints), it eventually, inevitably turned to Umenyiora's situation with the Giants.

More specifically, to his comments yesterday when he said that if he doesn't start in 2010 he'll retire from football.

And he wasn't backing down from them. Although he did tweak them a bit.

"I love that team and I love that organization, but that being said I don't think it's a situation that can continue the way it did last year," Umenyiora said of being a third-down player for the Giants in the final five games of the season.

"I'm not sitting over here making those statements, saying if I don't start I'm going to retire," he said, taking a step away from the ledge, "but I feel like I'm too good of a player to be in that kind of a situation. If they don't feel like I should be out there, then we should part ways."

Mike Golic, himself a former defensive lineman, tried to paraphrase Osi's thoughts by saying: If you're one of the best 11 you should be out there, if not some other team will take you.

"There's no question about that, sir," Umenyiora said.

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