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Pascoe flagged, adjusting to FB techniques

One of the things that Tom Coughlin mentioned today was the three holding penalties against Bear Pascoe as a fullback in the last two games. “He’s been caught for holding a couple of times here,” Coughlin said. “That, we’re trying like to crazy to work on, to make sure he’s not a marked man in that capacity.”

In other words, the holding penalty early Sunday against Pascoe should not have been called holding. Pascoe said when the team received their officials’ review of the game, the league noted that there was no holding on that play. So why the flag?

“The only thing that might have gotten me was my feet stopped for a half a second, and maybe that gave him time to create that separation between us,” Pascoe said. “I just have to do a better job. I have to put it on me and I can’t give them any reason to throw the flag. I can’t let my feet stop and give them any doubt that (they think) ‘He’s going down and he threw him down.’ When I hit I have to keep my feet moving, get no separating, and just drive.”

That’s a lot different than the way tight ends block, so it’s an adjustment for Pascoe.

“At tight end, Coach (Mike) Pope has us hitting in the chest and lifting up,” Pascoe said. “At fullback, I’m hitting and I’m trying to drive him back and out of the way instead of up.”

Making that more difficult is Pascoe’s stature. He’s listed at 6-5 and 283 pounds, compared to regular fullback Henry Hynoski who is 6-1 and 266.

“Henry’s got a height advantage,” Pascoe said, even though he has four inches on the rookie. In other words, being tall is not a tool for a fullback.

“Playing fullback is all about leverage and it seems like the shorter you are and the more compact and powerful you are the more you can move people,” Hynoski said. “With his size, though, there are things that work to his advantage. He covers people up. He might not create as much room but he covers people up.”

It sounds like Hynoski might be able to return this week against the Patriots. He was limited in practice today and said he feels better every day. He said it has surprised him how much time he has missed with his burner, which occurred in the game in Arizona. “It was definitely a big hit,” he said.

Until then, Pascoe is the fullback (although Jake Ballard was in there a few times on Sunday).

Oh, and Pascoe said the league told him that it was a bad call on Sunday. What about the two holding calls against the Bills in the previous game?

“Yeah,” he said, “those were holding.”

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