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Perry Fewell not sure if he'll be up or down

Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell isn't sure what

Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell isn't sure what kind of scheme he wants to run, but he has high hopes for the Giants' defense. Photo Credit: AP

Just got through with the Perry Fewell conference call, and one of the topics of discussion was just where he plans on calling the games from.

As you may remember, that was the first sign that Bill Sheridan and the players were not exactly comfortable with each other last year. Sheridan wanted to call games from the press box, but the players wanted him on the field. Eventually he wound up on the field. But the reason the players wanted him there -- to be an emotional motvator and look them in the eyes -- never really panned out.

Now comes Fewell, who was a booth coordinator with the Bills until he became interim head coach in the second half of last year. Then he moved to the field, where he continued to call the defenses. Where will he be with the Giants? He isn't sure yet.

"I'm comfortable either or," he said.

But he did note that he's a different coach on the field.

"I found this out: I get pretty excited on the sideline and I'm probably a little more controlled when I called it from the press box," he said. "When I called it from the sidline sometimes you can get caught up in the ballgame and you … chest bump a player or you slap somebody on the hind end or something like that and then you have to go back and get by yourself and gather your thoughts again. Up in the press box, your emotions are a little more controlled. It depends on how those emotions are running, but I can go either way. It’s a matter of just being in that moment."

Considering whom he is replacing and the personality of that person and that Fewell was brought in to provide energy and excitement and enthusiasm for the players, it's a good bet that he'll be on the sideline.

(Photo: AP)


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