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Phillips not shying away from sleeves

New York Giants fans sit bundled up as

New York Giants fans sit bundled up as they await the start of the 2010 NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers. (Jan. 20, 2008) Credit: Getty Images

Kenny Phillips was drafted by the Giants in 2008, so he missed out on the NFC Championship Game in Green Bay that January. He said he wants to create a new highlight film that includes him in it. But there’s one part he can do without.

“I don’t want no part of that,” Phillips said of the 23-below wind chills that accompanied that game. “If it gets that cold, I don’t know what I’d do.”

Phillips is from Miami. He’s played in New York for four seasons now, but has yet to get accustomed to the winters here. Even last Sunday against the Falcons, when the kickoff temperature was a balmy 44 degrees, Phillips was wearing a hood to keep his face warm.

“Any kind of wind that we get in our stadium, I throw on something,” Phillips said. “It’s just something I cant get used to.”

There will be plenty of players who will tough through the cold in Green Bay on Sunday, where the temperatures will be below freezing but nowhere near where they were in 2007. The wide receivers, for instance, instituted a “no sleeves” rule after they lost to the Redskins in December and thought they had trouble adjusting to the cold. Other units have created similar rules against sleeves. But Phillips?

“They’re tough guys, I’m not,” he said. “I have nothing to prove when it comes to trying to be warm or cold. I’m not that guy.”

Phillips wouldn’t say what he plans on wearing Sunday, although he didn’t shy away from the idea of a down jacket on the sideline. He said his final wardrobe will be determined by just how cold it is in Green Bay.

So if it’s, say, 20 degrees?

“I’m going to make sure I’m suited and booted,” he said.

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