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Phillips prepared for fine on game-changing hit

Giants safety Kenny Phillips talks with reporters during

Giants safety Kenny Phillips talks with reporters during training camp. (July 30, 2012) Credit: Hans Pennink

Kenny Phillips said he was fined so many times last season “I was almost playing for free.” Those FedEx envelopes usually come from the league office on Wednesdays, he said, and he was a regular recipient of correspondence. So he would sometimes sneak around the facility, trying to avoid the mail room guys.

“A few times they tricked me,” Phillips said. “Nothing would be here on Wednesday but Thursday I’ll have one. I got so used to it.”

Phillips said he expects to get an envelope from the league this week for his hit on Vincent Jackson late in the third quarter that changed the tempo of the game for the Giants’ defense. While he says he did nothing illegal, he still said the league will probably hit him up for a few bucks.

“Most people I talk to, they say it was pretty clean, but whenever it’s a big hit they usually try to fine you anyway,” Phillips said. “I think the replacement referee did a great job of not throwing the flag.”

One of the few compliments, to be sure.

Phillips said he never made contact with Jackson’s head.

“It was all shoulder,” he said. “I felt like it was legal. I never lead with my helmet.”

Of course, the league could say he was launching himself at the receiver.

“That’s where they try to get me,” he said. “I think I dragged the foot. I think I dragged one foot, so I should be ok.”

Even if he’s not, Phillips said it was worth it.

“Everyone definitely got a fire lit under them and Corey came right back with the interception which was real big,” Phillips said. “But I think it was just a big play in the ballgame … I probably can’t go shopping this week, but other that that it’s ok. It’ll work out.”

Of course with a short week, the timing of the envelope from the league could be interesting.

“I’ll probably be pissed off if I get the envelope right before I get on the flight,” Phillips said.

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