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Plax covers the bases on Jets, Eli, etc.

Former NFL wide receiver Plaxico Burress attends a

Former NFL wide receiver Plaxico Burress attends a press conference at National Urban League in New York City. (June 13, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

Here are some more soundbites from Plaxico Burress' interview with Stephen A. Smith of ESPN today, in which he covered a wide variety of topics including:

The idea of playing for the Jets - "It's been thought about. I am not going to sit here and front. For me to go to one side to the other side and win a championship in the same (city), how many people have done that? And do I have the capability to lead a team to a championship? Without question ... Of course they are appealing. Ever since I came to New York, the fans have embraced me. It is a great city and a great town. It will always be a special place to me regardless of what happens. I can't say the Jets or Philly or anywhere of that nature but I am going to make a decision that is best for me and my family. It may not be the best team but put yourself as a piece to the puzzle and say what's the best chance I have to win a championship."

Eli Manning - "We had a pretty good relationship while I was there. It was more work. I have always been a supporter of him. It was always a working relationship. When we were playing together, we were the best duo in football. You can't take that away from us. Nobody scored more touchdowns in that time frame that I was there in the four years that we were there ... Would I have liked him to come see me (in prison)? Yeah. But I understand, he is a family man. He just had a baby. Congratulations."

New York's two quarterbacks - "Eli has won a championship and the crazy thing about it is it is almost that Mark Sanchez gets more pub than the world champion quarterback which is crazy. And I'm looking at it from afar. The man went out and led the organization to a Super Bowl but for some reason, I guess Mark Sanchez is supposed to be better than the guy that has already won one."

Why he was carrying a gun in November 2008 - "I have professional friends that have been robbed at gunpoint in front of their house, people breaking into their house, tying them up, all kinds of crazy things. When you hear things like that you say that could have been me. So you take the initiative to protect yourself and that was the reason why I chose to carry a gun ... I've had my house broken into twice. It is not a good feeling. You feel violated. People calling your phone and saying certain things or what have you. Those are some of the things I have never talked about, some clown may get your phone number, threaten you. I have a wife and two kids."

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