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Plaxico Burress talks about being in prison

Plaxico Burress will be returning to his home in New Jersey at some point this weekend, and on Monday he’ll be taking part in a gun safety event in Manhattan with Tony Dungy and the National Urban League.

But until last week, he had spent the previous 20 months in jail, something he spoke about publicly with the Wall Street Journal for the first time since his release.

“There is nothing pleasant about prison," he said. "There's so much I can tell you and (at the same time) no one thing I can put my finger on. There's an emotional toll and there were definitely some guys I was around who'd done things that made me say, 'Really, seriously, I am here?' "

Burress said he worked out and even ran routes in prison. He said he thinks he’s a better receiver now, and he has his behind-bars quarterbacks to thank for that.

“There weren't a lot of guys throwing perfect spirals in there," Burress said. "I had to work to catch those balls."

He also spoke about wanting time to re-bond with his family, particularly his children. His son Elijah is 4 and his daughter, Giovanna, is 18 months old and was born while he was incarcerated.

As for football, the soon-to-be 34 year old receiver said he hopes teams will be open to giving him a chance.

“I know what I'm capable of," he said. "All I need to say to teams is, 'Don't judge my future by my past.' Just let me come out and play football."

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