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Plaxico's legacy still lingers for Giants

Think the Giants have gotten all the way over Plaxico? Think again.

It may be over three years since the rid themselves of him from their roster, five months since they considered (or at least acted like they considered) taking him back after his release from prison, and just over a month since they beat him and the Jets, but Plaxico Burress is still on their minds. Why? Because nearly every time they think about what the 2007 team accomplished, they’re faced with what the 2008 team didn’t.

Tom Coughlin was asked an innocuous question about there being four years between Super Bowl titles for the Giants from 1986 to 1990 and the possibility of there being four years between the 2007 title and this one, and he turned it into a shot (so to speak) at Burress.

“For us, we came back with a real strong team in ‘08 but had some unfortunate things that happened when we were about 11-1 and derailed us a little bit and lost out on a great opportunity there,” he said. “I think those things lead to a real strong feeling of wanting to get back, trying to get back and the desire to get back. Tying things together.”

I’ve often said that the best team I ever covered didn’t even win a playoff game. It was that 2008 team, at least the team that played the first three-quarters of the season before, you know, the Latin Quarter. I don’t know if Coughlin feels that way, that that was his best team. But clearly he felt it was capable of winning another championship.

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