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Players react to breakup day at Giants Stadium

Here are some player quotes from today's breakup day at Giants Stadium:

Steve Smith
“It’s tough. You can’t enjoy the individual goals like you want to when your team doesn’t so well. I’m just glad we answered some questions this year about the wide receivers and hopefully we can just keep getting better.”

“I think we just didn’t go out there playing tough enough. We lost some toughness. I think we just weren’t motivated some games. It seemed like we had great weeks of practice but we didn’t show it on game day.”

“I’m not the decision-maker, but I would say we need an attitude adjustment maybe. Guys have to look themselves in the mirror and see if you’re ready to focus each week.”

“Maybe we got too high on ourselves or guys thought we were better than we were. In this league you’ve got to come ready to play each week.”

“I think we’re embarrassed and we don’t want to feel that feeling anymore.”

“Coach Coughlin didn’t want to beat us up too much because we already feel bad. He said you could go in and talk to him and he wants to see where guys heads are at, what you’re thinking, so we can try and prevent some of the things that happened this year.”

Jeff Feagles
“Leadership -- we’ve heard about that a lot this year. When you lose some quality guys in leadership positions some guys need to step up and take that role. I think that was probably missing a little bit.”

“I think the players need to change their attitude and figure out how to be more consistent and win football games. That’s what we’re judged upon.”

“Physically, I’m fine, came out of this season feeling really good. My knee held up this year. I just have to sit back and reflect on what the future looks [like], talk to my family, talk to the team and go from there.”

Kevin Boss
Attitude need to change?
“It’s tough. That’s kind of a sticky situation. For the most part, we’re all here, we want to win, I don’t think you could play this game if you don’t want to be out there and win and compete, so we just have to get back to playing the type of football we were accustomed to the last two years, getting back to having fun and being physical and beating people up.”

“The fact we’ll be living with this bitter taste in our mouth for a couple months should inspire us to get ready for next year.”

Terrell Thomas
“We’ve got a lot of things to fix this offseason. We’ve got to look ourselves in the mirror and find out what type of football team we’re going to be next year.”

“We all have to get on the same page. We had a lot of people who had outstanding years, but as a collective group we didn’t, and that’s not good enough. It’ll never be good enough.”

“We just got exposed. We thought we would fix it here and there because we started off so good. When you’re winning, it covered up a lot of holes. The holes just kept resurfacing throughout the season.”

Shaun O’Hara
“Not making the playoffs is tough, obviously, but the most disappointing thing is the way we played the last two games. As players, there’s no excuse for that. That’s something that we’ll have to take with us and carry with us over the next six months.”

“I think one thing you can say about this team is when we were playing well, we were one of the best teams in the league. When we weren’t playing well, we played like one of the worst. That’s something that is a little bit hard to understand because with the talent in this locker room and they way we prepare, we should be in every game.”

Void in leadership?
“It’s interesting – the only people I hear saying that are people who aren’t in this locker room. I think when you’re on the outside looking in, you throw everything you can against the wall and you see what sticks. I’ll never believe that there’s a void in leadership whether you’re talking about the coaching staff, coach Coughlin, or the players in this locker room. I think there was a void in execution.”


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