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Portis wants to be a Giant

No doubt many of you who read this would like nothing more than to be able to play for the Giants.

Well, you have something in common with Clinton Portis then.

The free agent running back said on Sirius NFL Radio Tuesday that he’d like to play for Big Blue when football returns at some point.

His big reason seems to be revenge.

“To go to the Giants and get to play the Redskins twice a year after them feeling I wasn’t capable any more, I think that would be outstanding,” Portis said. “I forgot to even mention Eli Manning and the great line the Giants always seem to have and the model of them pounding the ball. I would love that opportunity, too.”

Are the Giants interested in Portis? Again, that’s probably something you and Clinton have in common. They already have Brandon Jacobs tied up for to more years, will likely have Ahmad Bradshaw back – especially if it’s for a one-year tender as a RFA and not a long-term deal – and they re-signed D.J. Ware while drafting Da’Rel Scott.

Portis is a two-time Pro Bowler closing in a milestone, but he’s also going to be 30 years old by the time the season starts (if the season starts) and has played only 13 games in the last two seasons.

“There are opportunities out there, I just need to be able to come out and show what I’m capable of,” Portis said. “If you look back the past two years in D.C., even when I was healthy I was getting six or seven carries a game. I might get two carries in the first quarter, a carry in the third so, you know, I think I just kind of fell out of favor in that organization. For myself I think it’s revitalizing to have an opportunity and still have the drive and still have the hunger to go out and prove people wrong. Like I said, when you’re 77 yards away from 10,000, I think that’s joining an elite bunch and I’m looking forward to it.”

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