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Practice report: Aug. 10

Eli Manning #10 of the New York Giants

Eli Manning #10 of the New York Giants hands the ball off to Andre Brown #35 during practice. (Aug. 8, 2011) Photo Credit: Getty Images

I entered the Osi news on a separate blog, so this one will just be about the practice itself and not his little dance on an adjacent field in full view of the cameras and reporters. Not sure what to make of it, but he looked spry.

Anyway, there were others who did not practice: Barden and Koets are on PUP, Sintim (knee), Cordle (knee), Brian Jackson (back), Sam Giguere (groin) and Travis Beckum (unknown at this time). A few guys returned to practice including Devin Thomas (finger), Marvin Austin (hip flexor), James Brewer (shin) and Spencer Paysinger (groin). Lawrence Tynes (quad) was also working, but we’ll have more interesting things to say about him in a bit.

After warm-ups, practice started in earnest with 1-on-1 drills in the red zone. Aaron Ross broke up a pass for Victor Cruz … Christian Hopkins made a sweet one-handed catch in the corner of the end zone over Tyler Sash … Burks broke up a pass for Jernigan … David Sims broke up a pass for Daniel Coats … Jake Ballard dropped a pass while being covered by Jarrard Tarrant.

Here are some highlights from the first series of 11-on-11 snaps:

Manning’s first pass was a completion to Ballard, who was lined up as the tight end with Bear Pascoe as the fullback … Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck would have combined on a sack of Manning … Jonathan Goff put some pressure on Manning, who threw high and incomplete to Ballard … Dave Tollefson made a strong tackle on D.J. Ware … Alex Hall came up with some pressure on Rosenfels, but the QB hit Hixon … Later Rosenfels hit Cruz deep down the left sideline over Michael Coe. Cruz caught the ball at about the 10 but Coe tackled him in the end zone. It didn’t look like Coughlin or Cruz were very pleased with Coe for doing that.

Here are some highlights from the second series of 11-on-11 snaps:

After a couple of runs, Manning completed a pass to Ballard but Kenny Phillips was right there to make the play. He had a good angle on the tight end out of a single-high look and probably would have dislodged the ball with a full-speed hit … Manningham was given a handoff on an end-around … Greg Jones and Tollefson were filling a gap against Andre Brown. Brown put a spin move on them and went through the line. It’s unfair to say Brown burned the two because of the speed at which the defense was playing (or lack of speed) … On the next snap Hall stripped Da’Rel Scott on a run to the right and Phillip Dillard recovered the loose ball … Cary Harris, who injured his shoulder last week, showed no regard for that injury and came flying into the pile shoulder first as Andre Brown was running a ball to the left … Greg Jones did a nice job wrapping up Andre Brown on a run.

Here are some highlights from the third series of 11-on-11 snaps:

Manning completed a pass to Hakeem Nicks, who held onto the ball even though he was drilled in the back by Corey Webster. Nicks was slow getting up but stayed in for the next rep … Manningham dropped a pass while wide open on the right side. Pierre-Paul had pressure on Manning and probably would have had a sack on the play … Brian Witherspoon broke up a pass for Darius Reynaud, but had a hold of the receiver’s jersey in the process and probably would have been flagged … Coe came flying in to deliver a hit against Andre Brown as he ran behind tight trips left … Brown did a nice job picking up a blitz from Dillard that allowed Rosenfels to find Jernigan … Carr overthrew Michael Clayton going deep down the left sideline with Witherspoon covering.

In kickoffs, Matt Dodge was once again handling the kicks. He did it the other day but that was because Tynes was out with an injury. Today Tynes was back on the field and even kicked a few field goals, so perhaps the Giants are seeing if Dodge can handle the job. If it was a tryout, it went about as well as his punting in that he had some good, deep ones but appeared to shank at least two of them to the left. By the way, Andre Brown and Jernigan were the guys returning the kickoffs.

Here are some highlights from the fourth series of 11-on-11 snaps:

Terrell Thomas dropped an interception on a pass from Manning to Manningham down the left seam … Manning went deep down the left sideline for Manningham two snaps later and Thomas had him covered. Manningham had gone out of bounds and the pass was a bit wide anyway … Witherspoon, who was worked over in this practice and seemed to see about five straight passes his way at this point, broke up one for Cruz down the right sideline. On the next snap Reyanud made the catch of the practice with a jumping grab over Witherspoon deep down the right sideline. Then Rosenfels threw an outside shoulder pass for Jernigan who was being covered by Witherspoon. It was a good adjustment by Jernigan to come back and catch the ball … Jarrard Tarrant broke up a pass for Reynaud on the right sideline with a big hit that sent both players to the ground … Carr overthrew Jernigan down the left sideline … Perrilloux missed Duke Calhoun down the left sideline … Devin Thomas, who is playing with a dislocated right pinkie, made two catches in the final three plays.

Here are some highlights from the fifth series of 11-on-11 snaps:

Chris Canty stuffed a Bradshaw run up the middle … Manning threw an incompletion to Hixon, who was covered by Ross underneath and Rolle over the top … Kenny Phillips was in position to kill a Manningham end-around … Phillips then made his first real hit of training camp when he hit Cruz to break up a pass. The ball popped in the air and Aaron Ross nearly intercepted it … Kenny Ingram was in the backfield, though it’s a matter of conjecture to say whether or not he would have been able to tackle Brandon Jacobs for a loss there (Ingram and Sash were once again getting first team reps at times) … Corey Webster had Hixon covered on a deep out down the right sideline and broke up the pass. After the play he and Antrel Rolle jumped up and bumped hips right in front of the fans, who seemed to enjoy the action … Witherspoon came up strong to hit Calhoun and break up a pass on the right flank. It looked like he timed it well … Ingram was covering Manningham out of the slot and stayed with him as he crossed the field but had a Rosenfels pass fall incomplete … Kiwanuka was in position to stop a counter screen pass from Rosenfels to Ware … Christian Hopkins jumped offsides early on a run by Charles Scott … Rosenfels threw high and incomplete for Todd Watkins who was wide open in the end zone … Justin Trattou put on a show by first stopping a Reynaud end-around, then getting what would have been a sack on Carr, then beating Hynoski for another would-be sack of Perrilloux … Jacquian Williams, a player we haven’t been seeing much from so far in camp, made a stop on a Charles Scott run … Perrilloux threw a pass away under pressure and it almost made it over the fence for the fans. It bounced off the crossbar and back towards the field. Warning track power.

The team worked on a few red zone situation. Kenny Phillips was in position to stop a Jacobs run … Ross broke up a pass for Nicks from Manning but probably would have drawn a PI flag … Hixon caught a nice slant from Rosenfels … Rosenfels threw a fade to Cruz in the right corner of the end zone but it seemed as if Cruz slowed up just a smidge on the ball and it was over his head … Bear Pascoe dropped a pass from Manning in the back of the end zone … Woodny Turenne broke up a pass from Carr to Christian Hopkins.

Practice ended with the second unit running a two-minute drill. I couldn’t see the clock because of the glare of the sun (it’s easier to see it when they practice at night!) but I had the downs and distances. It went like this:

The ball started at the defensive 28. D.J. Ware took a handoff on first-and-10 for about 8 yards. On second-and-2 Rosenfels hit Reynaud, who made another impressive leaping catch over Michael Coe for a gain of about 20 yards. On first-and-1 from the 45 Rosenfels again completed it to Reynaud over the middle where Sash seemed to gamble on the ball and not the receiver allowing for the completion of about 25 yards. On first-and-1 from the 20, Rosenfels hit Devin Thomas for a gain of 9 to set up second-and-1 from the 11. With time running down (presumably) Rosenfels tried to find Ballard in the end zone but Jacquian Williamsbroke up the pass and tipped it into the air where it was intercepted by Tarrant for a practice-ending turnover.

After practice, the team posed behind a long banner with the words “Stop and Remember” written on it. It will be used as part of the ceremonies on Sept. 11 when there will be a national moment of silence at 1 p.m. The Giants will play the Redskins that day, pairing the two cities most touched by the events of that day 10 years earlier.


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