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Prince arrives

A commitment to Nebraska led Amukamara to shift

A commitment to Nebraska led Amukamara to shift from his high school position, running back, over to cornerback. He nearly transferred after his freshman year, he said. Why? Well, as a high school senior, Amukamara rushed for 2,106 yards and scored 24 touchdowns. Credit: AP

After a week of frog-kissing, the Giants finally have their Prince.

The first-round pick – the last of the 32 to come to an agreement with his team – landed in the area this morning and has arrived at the Timex Performance Center. He has signed his contract, a four-year deal worth about $8.1 million (a Princely sum!), and is expected to be on the field for this evening’s practice.

For Tom Coughlin, it’s about time. Now the teaching can begin.

“I think you’ve got to give him the terminology first so that he has the understanding and there is nothing he is confused with from a verbalization standpoint,” Coughlin said, noting that the playbook may seem as though it is written in Chinese. “Then you have to just throw it at him. You will bring him to a point where he can help us and then you will assess how he can help us. After that it is continuous extra time devoted to getting there as fast as he can. He has a lot of classroom work to make up for. You figure four hours a day in the classroom since we have been here.”

The Giants also signed free agent rookie CB Darnell Burks from Fort Valley State in Georgia and they waived/injured Bruce Johnson, the cornerback who ruptured his Achilles in last night’s practice. I saw Johnson in the parking lot this afternoon, hobbling to his car. He’s going to have surgery on Monday and when he clears waivers he can be put on IR by the Giants. He said the injury happened while taking part in drills to down punts and he just tried to push off to get moving forward and it popped on him. It’s the second time he’ll be lost for the season after suffering a knee injury last year.

“Very sorry and very sad about Bruce,” Coughlin said. “Bruce had (injuries) two (years) in a row, the ACL knee and now the Achilles. We were all stunned by it because there was no reason why it should have happened. He was just doing something of that nature and all of a sudden this occurs. Why it happens? I always ask myself that. I feel bad for Bruce.”

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