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Prince gets the Deon Grant Seal of Approval

Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara responds to questions during

Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara responds to questions during a news conference after he was selected as the 19th overall pick by the New York Giants in the first round of the NFL draft at Radio City Music Hall. (April 28, 2011) Credit: AP

It will be Tom Coughlin’s decision whether Prince Amukamara makes his NFL debut on Sunday night against the Eagles. And while the head coach gave a “we’ll see” response to the first-round pick’s availability, Amukamara got the green light from elsewhere.

“He’ll definitely be out there,” veteran safety Deon Grant said. “If nothing happens from now to Sunday night, he’ll definitely be out there. And we’ll see what he’s got.”

It was Grant who, several weeks ago, said that he did not think Amukamara was ready to play at a point when it seemed he was very close. In those weeks, Grant said his opinion has changed and Prince has the Deon Seal of Approval.

“He’s moving a lot better, he’s not running with a limp like before,” Grant said. “He’s breaking a lot of scar tissue.”

Scar tissue?

“As far as the scabs and all of that when it comes to plants and reading routes and all that stuff,” Grant explained. “Physically, but also catching onto the defense and ‘welcome to this NFL’ thing.”

Amukamara said he doesn’t know for sure if he’ll play. His parents in Arizona are in a holding pattern as well, waiting for the word to book their flight to New York and watch his NFL debut. He was told today by reporters that all signs are certainly pointing towards his being active against the Eagles.

“Really?” he asked with genuine wonder before flashing a huge grin. “Sweet.”

Once Coughlin gives Amukamara the go-ahead, the only question that will remain is whether Amukamara can play at an NFL level. Grant said he’s confident he can.

“I’m going to make sure of that,” he said. “Whatever we have to do to make sure he’s a success. As long as I’m on the team, we’ll make sure of that.”

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