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Prince inching closer to "green light"

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Will Prince Amukamara finally play on Sunday? It sounds as if he is getting closer.

“Prince is practicing every day,” defensive coordinator Perry Fewell said. “We like what we see from him in practice. We don’t have the green light, so to speak, right now because we’ll practice on Friday. If he comes through good on Friday, we’ll evaluate again and then Tom will make the decision on Saturday.”

It could be quite a shock to give Amukamara, the rookie first-round pick, his first ever taste of NFL competition in a critical game against Brady and the Patriots.

“You’ve got to put him out there under fire and find out (what he can do),” Fewell said. “We drafted him, we think he’s a good football player. Obviously he hasn’t had the benefit of having a preseason and that type of environment, but you’ve got to go with your gut and say, ‘Hey, if he can plan, we’ll let him play.’”

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