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Q&A: Orthotics, tape kept Eli in good shape

What did Eli Manning do to get his heel ready for the game?

Manning said he wore orthotics and had some extra tape to support his foot. He even had tape around the outside of his cleats; players call it wearing "spats."

"Nothing too heavy," Manning said of the tape job. "It wasn't anything major, just a little extra support." He wore high-top cleats, but that's not unusual for him.

Was there any pharmaceutical support?

No. Manning said he did not have any shots of cortisone, painkillers or anti-inflammatories in his foot.

How did the heel feel?

"It felt great during the game," Manning said. "I felt that I could do everything, run the offense. I didn't tell coach Gilbride or Coughlin, 'Hey, don't run this' or 'don't do that.' I felt like I could do everything we had to do."

So after he left the game, did Manning tune out?

Heck, no. "I actually called a timeout," Manning said. "I don't know if that's legal or not, but I called a timeout on the sideline in the two-minute drill. I saw the clock running down, and I yelled it out."

That saved a delay-of-game penalty. "[The official] might have thought I was the head coach," Manning said.

Will he practice this week?

"Hopefully, it feels great tomorrow morning," he said after the game. "I don't have any doubt that it won't, so hopefully, I will be able to get back to practice all next week and work on getting better."

What happened to Mario Manningham?

He left the game with a chest contusion in the second quarter. Tom Coughlin said he could have returned. It didn't happen from a hit, though, but when defensive tackle Tommy Hill, um, sat on him. "I'm only a buck-85; he's about 350," Manningham said. "But I'm good."

Any other injuries?

Brandon Jacobs left the game with a burner in his shoulder but returned. Ahmad Bradshaw tweaked his back but came back for another series. C.C. Brown had X-rays on a shoulder and Gerris Wilkinson had them on a leg.

Did Tom Cable punch anyone after this game?

No police reports yet. The Raiders' coach declined to comment on the potentially pending assault charges coming from his allegedly shoving assistant coach Randy Hanson during training camp.

Where was the best cornerback in the NFL?

The Giants stayed as far away from Nnamdi Asomugha as they could and he finished with one assisted tackle. "Eli said after the game that that was the plan," Asomugha said. "You hear that no matter what team you're playing against."

Now that the preseason is over, the Giants go on the road to New Orleans. Will a certain tight end be ready to play against his former team?

"This will be fun," Justin Tuck said of facing Jeremy Shockey. "I know he's going to be really amped."

So Manning has a perfect passer rating and didn't practice until Friday. Bradshaw had 110 yards and two TDs and didn't practice until Friday. Any reason to have anyone practice until Friday?

Said Tuck: "Why don't you run that past Coughlin?"

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