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Reading between the line(backer)s

Perry Fewell was very excited about the defensive linemen he'll be able to work with. And he said he's hoping that the secondary can stay healthy (Kenny Phillips and Aaron Ross are at the top of that list, I assume).

But when asked about the linebackers, Fewell was not as glowing. And it sounds, if you want to read between the lines, like he'll be pushing for some upgrades at the position.

"As I've watched them, I'm watching each individual, the talent level of each individual, not so much the scheme but how I see them, how they would fit into what I may do," he said of his analysis of the linebackers. "Right now I know that I see some talented linebackers there, but you can always get better with the draft, with free agency. You can always better your football team when you add additional players."

That goes with his interview on Sirius NFL Radio earlier this week when he was asked what his ideal Giants linebacker would be and he answered in two words: "Lawrence Taylor."

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