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Reese on radio talking Osi, Plax

New York Giants head general manager Jerry Reese

New York Giants head general manager Jerry Reese talking to the media on the day the players cleaned out their lockers. (January 4, 2010) Credit: Newsday/J. Conrad Williams Jr.

We’ll talk to Jerry Reese in a little while this afternoon, but the Giants’ GM broke his public silence today in an interview on ESPN Radio in New York where he talked about a lot of the issues facing the Giants – Osi Umenyiora, Plaxico Burress, Ahmad Bradshaw – without really giving too much information on any particular topic.

The two big names to watch, of course, are Osi and Plax. At this time, neither is at the Giants’ facility but they could be at some point. Osi did not show up for his physical and training camp check in this morning, although he won’t be fined as a holdout unless he’s not here tomorrow for the first practice (although there could be some changes and loopholes in that penal structure under the new CBA, which won’t be a new CBA until next week. Got it?).

“We’ll see what happens,” Reese said of the Umenyiora Situation. “There’s nothing to do with the situation until I get a chance to sit down and speak to him. Right now we’re not really worried about that issue at this point.”

Reese also said that there is no “feud” between him and Osi based on the leaking of the Umenyiora affidavit last month.

“I can’t speak for Osi,” he said. “My job is to field a competitive football team that can challenge for a Super Bowl every year. I don’t have time to have feuds with anybody.”

As far as Plaxico Burress goes, Reese said that the meeting tonight between Plax and Tom Coughlin is “no charade.”

“We wouldn’t bring him in here just for the fun of it, we don’t operate like that,” Reese said. “We always say that, we investigate everything, and this is something we felt we should investigate. He’s got a meeting with Tom tonight and we’ll see what comes out of that meeting and we’ll move forward from there. But that meeting is probably the most important issue right now.

“If we bring somebody in here its not some kind of charade. We bring in people we have interest in. If we didn’t have interest in him we wouldn’t bring him in.”

Reese said he has spoken to Burress recently but wouldn’t give any details of that conversation.

“I think anybody can change and I think he’s a person who has been scarred by this situation,” he said. “He made a bad decision and he’s paid the price for it. I think he wants to make amends for it get on with his life and not let his past destroy his future.”

What would Plaxico have to say to Tom Coughlin to get the blessing of the head coach on this deal?

“That’s up to Tom,” Reese said. “Tom and Plaxico, they’ll talk it out. If it’s a good conversation and they think they can coexist, then we’ll move forward with the process.”

Reese also confirmed that there have been communications between the Giants and Ahmad Bradshaw as well as Steve Smith, but did not go into them.

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