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Reese talks about Antrel, Phillips and Plaxico

New York Giants head general manager Jerry Reese

New York Giants head general manager Jerry Reese talking to the media on the day the players cleaned out their lockers. (January 4, 2010) Credit: Newsday/J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Giants GM Jerry Reese will appear on “This Week in Football” on the YES Network this week (the show premiers on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.) and was interviewed by Kimberly Jones on a number of topics. The most interesting nuggets from the interview may have to do with the team’s safeties, and a player whose life would be a lot different had he had the safety on.

Basically he thinks that if Antrel Rolle and Kenny Phillips had made a few more plays, then their complaints about Tom Coughlin might be voiced at Media Day at the Super Bowl. And while he’s not going to be like Elwood Blues waiting outside the prison to give Plaxico Burress a ride home, he says that the Giants have not ruled out a possible reunion with the receiver when he is released later this spring.

Of course, they haven’t ruled it in, either.

Here is part of the transcript provided by YES Network:

KIMBERLY JONES – What are your thoughts, Jerry, when a couple weeks into the offseason, Antrel Rolle and Kenny Phillips on a radio interview in Miami speak out about Coach Coughlin not having enough fun, and those kinds of comments?

JERRY REESE – Well again, when things go bad and your season doesn’t end like you want it anything you say can be misconstrued. I talked to both of those players. They’re very remorseful about how it was spun. Both said they’re not that kind of people and I believe them, I think they’re both good people… and if we make a couple plays… if Antrel makes a play back there, if Kenny Phillips makes a play back there, we’re not having this conversation. We’re probably still playing and everybody’s saying, “Wow, Tom Coughlin’s got a great formula.” That’s how it goes… Whoever is winning has the best formula for that year.

KIMBERLY JONES – A year ago you made Antrel Rolle the highest-paid safety in the league, by signing him as a free agent. Do you think Antrel realizes how far he could go in helping to make this a better team, because he is a really good player. You signed him because you thought he could be a real play-maker.

JERRY REESE – That’s some of the things that he and I talked about. I had a private conversation, but those are some of the things that we talked about… Less is more with the media. “Hey you do more on the field. You leave more on the field. You do your things on the field. You let your plays do the talking”… and he said he was 200% in, and I believe him.

KIMBERLY JONES -- A question you’re going to be asked a lot if people can find you… Plaxico Burress… to be released from prison in June. You still haven’t given away his number 17, I’ve noticed. What will your procedure be in terms of Plaxico possibly wanting to return to the NFL?

JERRY REESE – Well, you know my standard answer to that… we investigate everything and we’ll definitely investigate that. But you know Plax, when he gets home I think the first thing he’ll want to do is just spend time with his family, and we’ll be in contact at the appropriate time… so we’ll just let that unfold….

KIMBERLY JONES – But you won't rule that out?

JERRY REESE – Absolutely we will not rule that out.

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