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Reese: There are people with a lot more issues than Manti Te'o

Manti Te'o

Manti Te'o Credit: Manti Te'o (Getty Images)

INDIANAPOLIS -- Sometimes too much information can be a bad thing, said Giants general manager Jerry Reese.

In today’s social media-drive world, information is at everyone’s fingertips within seconds – including NFL scouts. But that excess of access could potentially steer away teams from some of the top talent in the draft.

Reese said the Giants wouldn’t avoid drafting Manti Te’o 19th overall because of an elaborate Catfishing hoax (or the Notre Dame linebacker’s blatant deception, depending on your take).

“We put it all in the hopper and we come out with ‘OK, this is what this guy is, this is where we think he should be on our board, would we take him if he’s at a certain position for us,” said Reese.

“His situation is no different from anybody else.”

NFL teams must due their due diligence through social media to some degree, but Reese said “I think you can have too much information.

“You talk yourself out of some good players, maybe, with what somebody said on Twitter or (what) somebody said on Facebook. Well, you tell yourself: ‘This guy said this on Facebook, let’s not take him’ and he’s in the Pro Bowl for 10 years. …So I think you have to be careful in respect to that.”

There’s no way to tell what Te’o’s NFL career will entail. But the Giants won’t let the “Lennay Kekua” saga scare them off.

“We’ll bring him in and we’ll let him explain the situation for us,” Reese said of Te'o. “But, again, I think there’s people with a lot more issues than this issue. We’re more interested in what kind of football player he is more than anything else. I think that these things can get blown out of proportion a little bit, but we’ll investigate it and see where it goes.” 

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