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RG3 is not the only rookie in the backfield the Giants are concerned with

Alfred Morris #46 of the Washington Redskins. (Getty

Alfred Morris #46 of the Washington Redskins. (Getty Images) Credit: Alfred Morris #46 of the Washington Redskins. (Getty Images)

RG3 isn’t the only rookie the Giants have to be worried about this week. Fellow first-year player Alfred Morris has had a strong start to his career, rushing for 538 yards on 116 carries with five touchdowns for the Redskins.

So much media attention is put on Griffin that it may seem like Morris is a forgotten man.

“Maybe with the headlines,” Antrel Rolle said, “but when you watch film he’s definitely not in the shadows. He gets things done. He’s a very efficient runner.”

“You’ve got to stop the run,” Chris Canty said. “They’re the second rushing team in the National Football League. We just faced the first, so we understand that we can get it done. But we have to understand the unique challenges that this team poses to us. And one of them is that dive play that they have out of various formations. You have to watch as much tape as you can and prepare for what you’re going to have to face.”

Backup quarterback David Carr said he ran a similar offense when he was in Houston (Gary Kubiak brought it over from Mike Shanahan’s workshop). “It’s tough to beat,” Carr said of offenses that run dives and then bootlegs off of it.

Rolle called Morris “a hard runner, a shifty guy.”

“I think he’s definitely an all-purpose back,” Rolle said. “He’s been phenomenal for them.”

So had RG3, and the two play in unison. So the Giants aren’t focusing on just the one who gets the spotlight.

“We got a lot of talk about RG3, but this is definitely bigger than RG3,” Rolle said. “It’s about the Washington Redskins and what they present as a team. They’re a great unit, a great team. RG3, he’s one guy. Yeah, he’s definitely the leader of the show. But there are 10 other guys we have to account for. That’s going to be our focus.”

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