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Rob Ryan puts the F in football (and a few other words)

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan waits for

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan waits for the start of the game against the New York Giants. (Jan. 1, 2012) Credit: AP

Over the last year the Giants have managed to get the better of the Ryan Brothers. Whether it was beating the Cowboys twice last year to eliminate them from playoff contention or beating the Jets to essentially finish their season, the Giants have had the better of the matchups.

Last night, though, with Rob Ryan coordinating the Cowboys’ defense, a Ryan finally got a bit of the upper hand. And he wasn’t afraid to let the Giants know about it.

After the goal-line stand that ended with a third-down stop on a pass from Eli Manning to Victor Cruz (no penalty), NBC’s television cameras flashed to the emotional Rob Ryan on the sideline.

“--- yeah,” he shouted, pumping his fist at his defensive unit. Then he turned towards the Giants sideline and yelled “Go for it, --- face!”

It was a taunt for the Giants to just try and score a touchdown against his defense. But it’s unclear where that profanity was aimed. At Tom Coughlin, whose “Talk is cheap” mantra has sometimes been aimed at the Jets and Rex Ryan? Or was it at Kevin Gilbride, who famously got into a sideline fight with the Ryan patriarch Buddy Ryan when they were coaches with the Oilers?

Or maybe the Giants have hired Billy Ripken as a new coach and we just don’t know about it yet.

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