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Rolle and Gore go way back

Frank Gore celebrates after the 49ers beat the

Frank Gore celebrates after the 49ers beat the Washington Redskins. (Nov. 6, 2011) Credit: AP

Antrel Rolle and Frank Gore were teammates for four years at The U and they faced each other regularly when they were both playing in the NFC West. But their history goes way beyond that.

“I’ve known Frank since we were youngsters playing Pop Warner (in South Florida),” Rolle said today.

Still, it appeared to be something Rolle was not interested in billing as a duel. Antrel vs. Frank? Not according to the Giants’ safety.

“I’m very familiar with his game but it’s going to take more than me,” he said. “It’s going to take all of us to focus in on our keys and make sure we are technically sound.”

The two train together at Miami during the offseason and spend time together. But Rolle bristled later when asked for his memories of facing Gore as a youth.

“What does that matter?” he asked. “I told you what you need to know. You want me to tell you what size shoe he wears? I told you he’s a great running back. I’m not going to make our locker room’s focus about Frank Gore. I respect him as a player, I respect him as a friend, but at the end of the day we’re going to play football and the game has to be played on Sunday. That’s what it is.”

You’d think that Rolle’s team lost to Gore’s when they were kids. Actually it was just the opposite.

“We went at it in a playoff game,” Gore said. “They beat us like 26-20. I had about two or three hundred yards, he had a good game. I remember that like yesterday.”

Gore said they were playing in the 90-pound class. And both of them were running backs at the time.

“We both wore the same numbers too,” he said. “He wore 3 and I wore 3.”

Gore of course stuck with being a running back. Rolle moved to cornerback at Miami and eventually safety in the NFL. But Gore thinks Rolle could still take some handoffs if he had to.

“You see him when he catches interceptions,” Gore said. “He knows how to get to the end zone.”

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