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Rolle: Forget tackling, just don't let them catch it

New York Giants free safety Antrel Rolle celebrates

New York Giants free safety Antrel Rolle celebrates after stopping Dallas Cowboys running back Felix Jones for a loss of two yards in the second quarter at MetLife Stadium. (Jan. 1, 2012) Credit: MCT

Antrel Rolle had some nice things to say about Wes Welker today, which is a little different from the approach he took in November when he just didn't say anything at all. But that doesn;t mean Rolle thinks Welker will have a busy day in Super Bowl XLVI. In fact, he said the plan is for none of the Patriots receivers to get much work in.

Asked about the importance of tackling Patriots receivers and not allowing any yards after the catch, Rolle said this:

"First of all, we’re trying to focus on them not catching the ball period. That’s our focus as a defense. The run after the catch, that’s all hustle. You hustle to the play. You make sure you cut down the percentage of YAC yardage as much as possible. Our focus is first of all not to even let them get the play off and second of all don’t let them complete the pass."

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