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Rolle hopes there is a parade ... at the end of the day

Antrel Rolle hopes that Chris Canty’s prediction of a victory parade on Tuesday comes true. If it does, he knows what he’ll be wearing.

“I back him,” Rolle said of Grand Marshall Canty’s proclamation. “We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t expect to win this game. That’s our attitude. And if the parade is on Tuesday I will be there … in my ‘At The End Of The Day’ T-shirt.”

Yes, Rolle and his new clothing line – – are set to have shirts made up with the words that he uttered probably a millions times this year. It was a verbal tick that he relied on over and over in radio and newspaper interviews, until one day his sister called his attention to it. He’s pretty much stopped using it, but he said he’s ready to put the words that mean absolutely nothing on a T-shirt.

“If we win this game, on the float Tuesday, I will have my “At The End Of The Day” T-shirt,” he said. “I will have “At The End Of The Day” T-shirts on deck. They will be there.”

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