Antrel Rolle and Kenny Phillips go pretty far back. They first met, Rolle said, when he was a player at the University of Miami and he presented an award to Phillips who was then a high school player and future Cane.

But Rolle also knows Kevin Boss. Maybe not personally, but let's just say their paths crossed in the Week 7 game at Giants Stadium last year. That's when Boss caught a pass and took a helmet-to-helmet hit from Rolle. It didn't draw a flag in the game but the league did fine Rolle $7,500 for the hit.

Rolle remembers it and said he doesn't think there will be any hard feelings when he and Boss are suddenly sharing a locker room and not just airspace.

"It’s not going to be strange at all," Rolle said. "We’re all men (in) this league and at any given time, it could be your brother out there but you have to come out there and you have to compete. You never try to hurt anyone under any means. It definitely wasn’t intentional but I was coming to make a statement. I was definitely coming to make contact."

Boss, at the time, said he understood that and he also said that he was just disappointed that the hit didn't draw a penalty on the field. Rolle said that's the philosophy he tries to bring to every play, the desire to make a statement.

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"When I’m on the field, I hold no pity for the next man," he said. "But at the same time, I never try to go out and hurt any opponent because his career is just as valued as mine. I never go out there with any intentions like that. I’m not that kind of player at all.

"But when I’m coming, I’m definitely a headhunter and I want to make sure my presence is felt. That is pretty much all that took place on that play (with Boss). I was definitely trying to make a play. I was trying to put my team in a better situation than their team and that's all it boils down to."