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Rolle looking for a chance at a pick

The Giants' signing of safety Antrel Rolle should

The Giants' signing of safety Antrel Rolle should help prevent big plays. Credit: David Pokress

Antrel Rolle is starting to get itchy for an interception. In four games, the Giants safety who was brought in to be a ballhawk does not have any. Then again, it’s not like he’s getting a lot of chances out there.

“It seems like I can’t even (pay) a team to throw in my direction now,” Rolle said. “I don’t know what’s causing that, but I haven’t really touched the ball. I don’t know what the cause is. I definitely don’t think it’s the scheme. They just have other targets in mind I guess. I don’t know.”

It’s probably a sign of respect that offenses try to keep it as far away from Rolle as possible. Rolle said there is nothing he can do about that.

“There’s nothing wrong at all,” he said. “I haven’t put my hands on the ball so there’s definitely nothing wrong. It’ll come when it comes. Those things like that, you can’t force and you have to let them come to you.”


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