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Rolle on WFAN: Vick and RG3 and 'totally different'

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III gets away

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III gets away from Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen during the first half of a game. (Oct. 14, 2012) Credit: AP

You’d think that a team that has faced Michael Vick so often in recent years would be in good position to get ready to face Robert Griffin III for the first time. Both are fast, elusive quarterbacks who can make plays with their arms or their legs.

But Antrel Rolle said no, from what he’s seen of Griffin so far (mostly on highlights and not in film study yet), they are “totally different.” In fact, it sounds like Rolle thinks Griffin is better than Vick, calling him “an all-around quarterback.”

“Of course they’re different,” Rolle said in his weekly radio spot on WFAN today. “They’re two totally different quarterbacks and their game as far as their offensive approach is extremely different. RG3, we know that he can run the ball. I think he runs the ball a lot more than Michael Vick. He’s a fast guy. He has a very strong arm. I think he’s an all-around quarterback and he’s only getting better with time.”

You’ll notice that Rolle referred to the Redskins rookie as “RG3” and not, as Osi Umenyiora did during the offseason, “Bob.” Umenyiora relented earlier this season, saying that Griffin has earned his cool nickname in the NFL. Rolle said he doesn’t care what people call him, as long as he’s not called too often.

“I just call him whatever I hear,” Rolle said. “Maybe after the game, we’ll see, maybe he’ll go back to the name Bob. I don’t know. Maybe he’ll be RG3. Who knows. We just want to go out there and play an effective game. Whatever his name is, it is. Hopefully they won’t be calling his name too much during the game.”


Rolle was also asked how difficult it will be for the Eagles players to adjust to a new defensive coordinator in the middle of a season, as they will now have to do.

“It depends on what he presents to them,” Rolle said. “It depends if he makes things very vanilla or if he’s going to make things difficult. I don’t see them making things too difficult, especially in the middle of the season like this. But I don’t know, there’s definitely going to be an adjustment. Those guys are going to have to extremely adjust to whatever it is and they all have to buy into it because they have to do it right now. There’s no waiting period for that. There’s no grace period.”

Among the other things Rolle touched on during his interview were the physicality of the game against the 49ers (not as physical as the NFC title game was), the 49ers’ use of Colin Kaepernick (he was surprised they used him so much), and how much last year’s touchdown by Vernon Davis against him haunted him (he said he watched that play 20 times before the game). He also said he didn’t know when Kenny Phillips might return to safety, but that he is missed on the field. “He’s been grinding, though.”


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