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Rolle rolling in?

There's an hour or so before free agency actually begins, and already the craziness is bubbling. Surely you've heard the latest from the Jets, and now comes word that the Giants are in hot pursuit of Antrel Rolle.

The safety for the Cardinals was released today, so he had a head start on his unrestricted free agency. According to this report from Miami (where the Dolphins have already made him an offer), Rolle will visit with the Giants on Friday.

While I have not yet confirmed that information, I can confidently report that the Giants and Rolle have been in contact since his release from the Cardinals earlier in the day. He's also being pursued by the Bears, so the price may wind up going north of the Giants' comfort zone.

One question is what this interest -- if not acquisition -- says about the future of Kenny Phillips. Yes, the Giants need two safeties. But Phillips seems better suited to be a free safety and that's the position Rolle plays. Are the Giants not as confident and optimistic as they once seemed to be about Phillips' recovery from a very serious surgery, not to mention arthritic condition in his knee? Or do they see a way to have both players on the field at the same time?

And by the way, what does Kevin Boss think about it? Boss took a wicked smack from Antrel Rolle when the Giants played the Cards this season. It didn't draw a flag, but it did cost Rolle a $7,500 fine.

Something tells me that after the next few days, Rolle will forget about that pocket change. It'll be interesting to see if Boss is as forgetful.

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