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Rolle thinks teams will pick on Prince

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Mike Thomas (80) runs

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Mike Thomas (80) runs after a catch as Giants defensive back Prince Amukamara (20) chases him during the first half of an NFL preseason game. (Aug. 10, 2012) Credit: AP

Antrel Rolle had some advice for Prince Amukamara after he was burned on some pass plays early in the preseason opener against the Jaguars: Get used to it.

“I think they came at him a little bit,” the Giants safety said. “They tried to test him out early, which we already told him that was going to be the case. He has to clean some things up, he’s still fairly new. He’s still new to the system, new to the game. We don’t make any excuses for him. We told him, ‘You’re going to have to be that guy there,’ and he understands that. He came back, and was smarter in the next series with an awesome play, forcing the turnover, and giving our offense a chance to score, which is always a good thing.”

The Giants’ projected starting defense has 10 players returning from the Super Bowl winning lineup … and Amukamara.

“As an offensive coordinator, that’s probably going to be the angle,” Rolle said of teams trying to test Amukamara. “He has to understand that, and I’m sure he’s aware of that. You have to continue to grow. You have to turn into a man overnight. There’s no time for babying, and he understands that. He’s going to be fine. I have all the confidence in the world in Prince, and I’m sure he’s going to get the job done.”

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