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Ryan Nassib all but secures backup spot after demotion

Giants quarterback Ryan Nassib looks to pass during

Giants quarterback Ryan Nassib looks to pass during the second half of a game against the Jets at MetLife Stadium on Friday Aug. 22, 2014. Credit: Lee S. Weissman

Ryan Nassib has all but secured the backup quarterback job on the Giants roster, something that wasn't such a certainty when he was relegated to third-stringer behind Curtis Painter for the third game of the preseason. He wound up coming in during the fourth quarter of that game and leading the historic comeback against the Colts.

Tom Coughlin never called it a "demotion" for the second-year passer, but the message was clear. And received.

"Just like anybody else at any other position, something like that will open your eyes a little bit," Nassib said on Tuesday, admitting for the first time that the depth chart move affected him. "It was the coach's decision. I still went out there every day and practiced as hard as I could, prepared as hard as I could, so if I got another shot I would be ready for it."

After leading the comeback against the Colts, Nassib played well against the Jets and threw three TD passes while leading four second-half touchdown drives.

"I definitely feel like a different player than I did last year," he said. "I had a whole offseason, a whole preseason, to prepare. It's been great. ... It's been a big jump from last year to this year."

It wasn't a jump without a fall. That third-string challenge Coughlin gave him was hard to stomach and made for a trying week in Nassib's preseason. It seemed to work out for the best, though.

"You could say that," Nassib grinned.

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