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Ryans still think Gilbride passes too much

Newsday file photo from the Joe Frazier-Muhammad Ali

Newsday file photo from the Joe Frazier-Muhammad Ali fight on March 8, 1971. This punch by Frazier set up a left hook that knocked Ali down. Credit: Newsday / Morseman

I had to chuckle when Rob Ryan was talking with reporters in Dallas and spoke about Kevin Gilbride’s offensive philosophy.

“They’re committed to throwing the ball,” the Cowboys defensive coordinator said. Then later he added of Gilbride: “If he had his choice he’d throw every down.”

Why is that so funny? Because that’s exactly what Buddy Ryan thought about Gilbride when they were coaching together in Houston late in the 1993 season and Buddy decked Gilbride on the sideline. This is from the Wikipedia entry on the altercation:

“Ryan had been criticizing Gilbride's "run and shoot,” referring to it as the "chuck and duck.” Ryan felt that last-minute stands cost him two players to injury when the offense could have simply just run the ball and killed the clock. At the end of the first half in the last game of the season against the New York Jets, Gilbride called a pass play, and when Cody Carlson fumbled the snap, Ryan started yelling at Gilbride, who started walking towards Ryan, yelling back. When they were at arm's length, Ryan ... punched Gilbride in the jaw before Keith McCants and other Oilers players separated them.”

And yes, this is one of those Thank God for YouTube moments!

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