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Sack-free Giants only part of the story

Eli Manning stands under center.

Eli Manning stands under center. Credit: Getty Images

A lot has been made over the last few days about the Giants' streak of four straight games without a sack, the longest since the 1972 team set the franchise record just two months before I was born.

And yes, it's very impressive that the Giants have done thaht with three different configurations of their starting offensive line. But that doesn't mean everything up front is doing just fine.

Although the Giants have allowed a league-low 12 sacks this season, even during this streak there have been a few close calls. Manning had to throw a left-handed pass to get away from pressure against the Eagles. Against the Cowboys he was flagged for intentional grounding to avoid a sack.

And all of those lineup changes might have had an effect elsewhere. The Giants averaged 145.4 rushing yards and scored eight rushing touchdowns over the first seven games of the season behind a somewhat stable lineup of linemen. In the last four games they are averaging just 125.0 yards and have scored two rushing touchdowns.

Maybe that's why, when I asked Kareem McKenzie about it yesterday, he called the sackless streak "a fun little fact."

"We’re doing an OK job," he said. "We could do better always."

Of course none of this is preventing me from writing a big feature about the streak in Sunday's paper! The ol' paragraph factory keeps churning 'em out!

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