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Seubert grins and bears it

By the time you read this, Rich Seubert will be a former Giant. The team was expected to file the paperwork on his release at 4 p.m. Thursday. Of course, the 10-year veteran who is rehabbing from offseason knee surgery found out on Tuesday that the team planned to cut him loose. What’d that feel like after a decade of service?

“I was like a bear coming into the building saying hi to everybody the other day,” the avid hunter said, “and I got drilled by an arrow.”

Seubert said he knew it was a possibility that he could get “drilled.” It was either that or start the season on PUP because he hasn’t even started running yet. But now that the news has settled in, the popular Giant who Jerry Reese had called the MVP of the 2010 season is coming to grips with the reality.

“I’m moving on,” he said. “It was a good run. It was the best time of my life. I got married, had three kids and I played for the Giants. I’m just going to try to rehab, get myself healthy and see what happens.”

Seubert said he plans on continuing to work on coming back to the NFL. “I’m sure one of the 32 teams might need a guard or a center to come and help them out for the second half of the season,” he said. But he also knows that the possibility exists that his phone won’t ring and his career will be over.

“That’s fine too,” he said. “If for some reason my knee isn’t right and I can’t go anymore and this is going to cost me the end of my career, so be it. I’ve had fun. It goes fast but I’ve talked to my wife, I’ve talked to my family. Whatever it is it is, but I’m going to give everything I have to find a way back onto that football field.”

He could even be on the field for Giants training camp, although as a spectator and not a player. He said he’d like to take his son to practice and get a chance to say goodbye to some people he has gotten to know over the years. And not just teammates but parking attendants and security guards and cleaning crews.

“I’ve been there 10 years, I know everybody,” he said. “That’s the hardest part is saying goodbye to those guys. But I’ll be around New Jersey, I’ll be making appearances.”


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